Dead Sea & Red Sea Tours

Dead Sea

We operate daily tours to the Dead Sea and the surrounding areas ..

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and enjoys favourable winter temperatures. It offers a breath taking tranquil landscape steeped in history.

The Temperatures in the DEAD SEA are usually 6-10oC higher than Amman - and weather is very good all year round or at least for about 345 days a year with little rainfall. Temperatures of the Dead Sea are also warm and moderate as its an inland sea, probably like some big lakes.

The famous Dead Sea 'black mud' is said to be therapeutic along with the minerals and salts of the sea.
The water is a kind of oily texture and is warm and inviting. You can float calmly on the Dead Sea or even read your book while floating!

You may choose which stop you prefer :

Amman Beach - provides outdoor pool - restaurant with large open buffet 'help yourself - eat as much as you like' type meals
- showers on the beach - male and female changing rooms/bathrooms - range of gift shops and snack bars. Large beach area.

O Beach - more of a 5 star resort type retreat... Open air infinity pool, beach access, restaurants, massage facilities

Dead Sea Spa Hotel - Day entry use of Hotel facilities swimming pools - beach access, restaurants and large open buffet type meals...

PRICES RANGE FROM 20 - 35 DINARS PER PERSON (depending on time of year)

Day entry is also permitted at other 5 star hotels - from 50-75jd per person. (STAY ALL DAY 10 - 6)

Our shared trip to this area includes :

Madaba, Mount Nebo, La Storia Museum, Baptism site or Panorama Complex and then 2.5 hours at the Dead Sea,,,, 25jd per person

Day return or 'half day return' to the Dead Sea only ... if required - (request best price)

Dead Sea and Mujib hiking trail in the Mujib Canyon. (Full day) (price depends on trail chosen)
2+ hr (unguided) hike, 4 hour (guided) hike, 6 hour (guided) hike etc

Dead Sea & Red Sea Tours
Dead Sea & Red Sea Tours

Red Sea (AQABA)

Aqaba can be included with Petra and Wadi Rum - or you can take the public bus direct from Amman to Aqaba, JETT buses go every 2 hours. 10 jd...

AQABA is usually 6-10oC hotter than Amman - and they usually have sea breezes. It can be very hot in the summer in the mid 40o's so care should be exercised with this heat.

Aqaba is a sleepy sea side town which is delightful. The hotels on the Beach in the town centre are all 4 or 5 stars. The best beaches are along the South beach area located several kilometres out of Aqaba town towards the Saudi Arabian border ...

Aqaba has a border crossing with Israel and boats go frequently across the sea to Egypt - Nuweiba and Sharm al Sheikh

Visit the Aquarium and the Castle and wander around the centre of Aqaba with its shops and nice restaurants.

South Beach - Aqaba

GREAT DIVING & SNORKELLING - South Beach Aqaba is approximately 7 kilometres from the town centre. There are a number of Diving & Snorkelling Hotels. Dive to the sunken wrecks and discover the beautiful corals... Or if you prefer, take a ride in a glass bottomed boat - to view the amazing coral reefs

STAY in the new development of Tala Bay - with its 5 star hotels and private colourful villas and apartments... or, if you have a limited budget, stay in a Bedouin village camp/hotel along South Beach if you prefer.

Plenty of water activities and local restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy - after a long hot day.

Dead Sea & Red Sea Tours
Dead Sea & Red Sea Tours