Hotel Food & Snacks

Hot Food and snacks are served throughout the day as required up until 11pm.

Hotel Food & Snacks
Hotel Food & Snacks

Likewise the same menu is available in the 'Chillax Cafe' downstairs. So guests can choose where they want to eat. Prices are the same in both locations.

We specialize in serving reasonably priced delicious meals & snacks for the convenience of our guests - we have an interesting range of food from light snacks to hearty meals.


The menu carries a range of popular local food such as the Jordanian national dish 'Mansaf' or
Kabseh, Maghloubeh, Moulokhia and Ouzi to name but a few - alongside some international favourites such as Spicy Pasta and Tuna and Mayonnaise sandwiches and French fries.

A reasonable range of Vegetarian food is available for those observing that form of diet.

Delicious Local mint Tea, Natural Herbal Teas made with zataar and maramiyyeh or a choice of coffees .... Turkish, American etc ....

Bottled drinking water is available in the hotel and the café. Small or large bottles.

A full range of soft drinks - such as coca cola, Fanta etc are also available.