Culinary Delights of Amman

Jordan has some of the best local dishes and restaurants in the Middle East

From a simple bowl of foul (cooked flava beans) sprinkled with olive oil, lemon and garlic - topped with smashed green chillies - eaten with local pitta bread (price around 1jd) to a sumptuous mezze meal followed by grilled meats or fish - or a range of traditional dishes like Mansaf, Ouzi, Kabseh, Molokhia

Delicious mezes are served - comprising hommous, lebneh, chicken livers, spicy olives,

Many dishes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans to some extent.

There are hundreds of good cafes, bars and restaurants in Amman - Iraqi style, Syrian Style, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese style, Fast food, Slow food, Street food and much much more..

Prices range from half a dinar for a falafel sandwich to up to 60jd per person in a posh restaurant.
Average restaurant prices between 10-25jd per person depending on what you eat etc.

Culinary Delights of Amman
Culinary Delights of Amman