General Info

Jordan is rapidly becoming a popular place for tourists.

General Info

Jordan is now a destination of choice for a growing number of people seeking something different or more stimulating than their usual 2 week stint on a scorching beach !

Amman is considered one of the most liberal cities in the Arab world. The city has become one of the most popular destinations for expatriates and college students, from all around the world, who seek to live, study, or work in the Middle East or the Arab world in general.

Indeed, many airlines now offer regular inexpensive flights to the new Queen Alia International Airport - designed by world renowned architect Norman Foster - now Lord Norman Foster. Amman airport is one of the most attractive and beautifully designed airports in the world - it's a pleasure to arrive in and depart from. The huge moulded ceilings, glass facade and spacious open areas make the interior very bright and comfortable whilst ensuring a streamlined and pleasurable experience.

Many visitors choose Amman for a quick stop-over on long haul flights - to realize their dream of visiting Petra - only to discover there are so many more wonders to visit and pledge to return another time.

Many cruise ships - sailing along the Red Sea - also dock in Aqaba for a few days so their passenger can visit Petra & Wadi Rum


Every year Jordan hosts Exciting International Marathon Events - such as

The Dead Sea Ultra Marathon
The Amman Marathon
Wadi Rum Marathon
Petra Marathon

Competitors come from all around the World to participate - the Dead Sea Marathon and Amman Marathon are particularly popular.

It's important to note, Jordan is an extremely safe place - visitors to Jordan are cherished - and welcomed by everyone.

Visitors to Jordan leave the country with wonderful memories of the warm, kind and wonderful people who greeted them and ensured their visit was memorable.

The weekend starts on Thursday night as FRIDAY is the day off and the equivalent of SUNDAY.

Security and Safety


Jordan is an extremely safe country despite being surrounded by hostile neighbours and the variousongoing wars and clashes in nearby countries. The Jordanian Government does an excellent job in keeping all its citizens and visitors safe.

When we reflect on events around the world in the past couple of years - we have to ask the question; "WhichCountry is really safe actually?" After events in Belgium, France and other places too numerous to mention - the answers is basically - "None !"

Compared to some countries Jordan has relatively LOW crime rates - with petty crimes such as pickpocketing in some crowded areas, probably being the most common - but nothing compare to say Rome, London and many other cities around the world.

Assaults, robberies and sexual offences - concerning tourists or foreigners visiting Jordan - are pretty rare. Ingeneral crimes and altercations are usually Tribal and outsiders are not involved (unless they accidentally get in the middle - and get injured).

Both the US and UK travel advisory to Jordan recommend that - visitors take their transportation from their hotels - as these are known and trusted sources - and you know who you are traveling with - as opposed to a car off the street - or Uber and such enterprises (which is banned anyway) or other sources plying the internet with their services. Hotels such as ours have regular and vetted professional trusted drivers - who are well known - and have been doing tourism driving for years - as opposed to some fly by night - who may try to scam you for whatever reason. Our drivers update daily and know all the safety and security requirements.

Taxi scams are by far and wide the most you will ever come up against - which usually involves relieving you of a bit more money than you would normally pay. Again - nothing that you wouldn't come across in other towns, cities and countries across the globe - and definitely no danger involved. So - all in all - Jordan is an extremely safe country. Populated by nice, kind and helpful people in the main. So whilst you may have some reservations - don't just take my word for it - search the online travel forums such as and - and search the question "Is Jordan Safe"

Notwithstanding - we always recommend that guests take whatever precautions for whatever event - that they would if they were back home... ie never go off with strangers... if an offer sounds too good to be true (it probably is..) Don't engage in reckless activities etc etc. Make sure you have good Travel Insurance to cover certain mishaps and to give yourself some feeling of "All's covered" or "Just in Case"...

In any event - should any misfortune befall any of our guests - we always promise to assist them and advise what to do where possible. Visitors to Jordan may call upon the Tourism Police at any time who will assist them in every way possible.

So,, What could be better? Just book your ticket and escape the monotony of everyday life and come and enjoy...
Hope to see you soon !