Solo travellers

If you are a solo traveler and thinking of visiting the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - then look no further - Jordan Tower is the best choice ever!

Have you ever waited for a friend, colleague or family member to join you on holiday?

Only to find they let you down - can't come, don't enjoy the same interests in the Middle East or perhaps just have reservations about this area .... well no need to wait for anyone anymore. Just book a flight and come ! We will take care of you - add you to shared tours with other guests with whom you can make friends - people of 'like minds' who enjoy this part of the world and culture as you will. No awkwardness or feeling out of it.... You will join others who seek the same experience.

We welcome solo travellers of all ages and nationalities - we host lots of retired baby boomers, University students and working professionals. We always introduce guests to one another to get people acquainted.

Solo travelers (especially ladies) will never feel lonely or isolated and will always feel relaxed, safe, welcome and happy with us. You will also have the chance to meet and connect with other guests and share each others' travel experiences and information, in a friendly atmosphere. Check out what other solo travelers have said about their experience at Jordan Tower on Guys too.... also have apprehensions about solo travel - understandably - but no need. Get on that flight and don't look back !!

Join one of our daily small group multi-stop trips (which are perfect for solo travellers) We always find the others to share (subject to demand of course) or, if desired - you can have a private trip at reasonable rates . You can also Play a game of chess, walk round the souk or read a book from our small library... meet others in our popular street café - Chillax Cafe .. directly under the hotel, on the ground floor street level.

We will advise an itinerary for you - and send you to other friendly hostels/hotels and camping parks. So its easy. Just your effort is needed. Get booking!