Chillax Café

Enjoy just lazing the day away at "Chillax" - our popular street Cafe

Chillax Café

Sit inside or outside and take a nostalgic look at the surrounding area and let your mind wander ~ day dream of bygone days... Engage in interesting conversation with locals whilst sipping our delicious mint tea or turkish coffee.

Open every day until late

Chillax Café

Local Cuisine

Sample our wide range of inexpensive local snacks & dishes - along with some international favourites.

Chillax Café


Use the wifi to catch up with your family and friends...

Chillax Café


Try smoking the Argilla - (hubbly bubbly pipe) with its delicious range of flavoured bacci ...

Practise some Arabic phrases with the staff - to help you get by

Welcome (ahlan wa sahlan) أهلاً و سهلاً
Hello or (General greeting) (as-salām 'alaykum) السلام عليكم
rsp - (wa 'alaykum as-salām) و عليكم السلام
inf - (marḥaban) مرحبا

How are you? m - (kayfa ḥālak) كيف حالك؟
f - (kayfa ḥālik) كيف حالك؟
Reply to 'How are you?' أنا بخير شكرا و أنت؟
m - (Ana bekhair, shukran! Wa ant?)
أنا بخير شكرا و أنت؟
f - (Ana bekhair, shukran! Wa anti?)

What's your name? m - (mā ismak?) ما اسمك؟
f - (mā ismik?) ما اسمك؟
My name is ... (... ismee) ... اسمي
Where are you from? m - (min ayn anta?) من أين أنت؟
f - (min ayn anti) من أين أنت؟
I'm from ... (anā min ...) أنا من ...

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