Things To Do

Jordan is an adventure seekers paradise. It's diversity of deserts, mountains, plains and seas make it an exciting choice for the outdoor types.

Things To Do
Things To Do
  • Diving and Snorkelling in the Red Sea - You can dive to the sunken ships and look for treasure... water ski, para-glide or take a glass bottomed boat and view the fantastic corals located on the reefs. You can also swim, sail - go windsurfing or waterskiing.
  • Try Trekking in Dana and Wadi Araba, Hike the Prophets trail near Ajloun, Canyoning in Mujib and many other areas..
  • Camel and horse riding in the Wadi Rum desert - if you are feeling lazy - then take the 4 x 4 jeep for a tour of all the places of interest in Wadi Rum...
  • Try hot air ballooning over Wadi Rum...
  • Float in the Dead Sea and read your book ...
  • Visit the Nature Reserves
  • Visit Petra one of the 7 wonders of the World
  • Visit many of the 40 places of interest and historical sites included in the Jordan Pass
  • Hammamet Ma'in Hot springs
  • Meditation - in Petra, Wadi Rum - It can be freely practiced without conflict due to race, community or religion, and will prove equally beneficial to all.

What to do in Downtown Amman

  • Visit the Citadel and the museum - take fantastic photos from the Panoramic view.
  • Relax and enjoy a Turkish Bath - pamper yourself
  • Visit the Roman Amphitheatre and the Folklore Museum and the Museum of popular tradition.
  • Roman Nymphaeum - or the last remains of a once glorious complex which was visited by people from all over Arabia
  • Rainbow Street - and its profusion of cafes and restaurants - 15 minutes walk
  • National Museum - 10 minutes from hotel
  • Royal automobile museum with its fantastic collection of vehicles dating back 100 years
  • City Mall, Taj Mall, Mecca Mall, Baraka Mall, Galleria Mall, Sweifiyeh Mall
  • Mahatta - Ottoman train museum and station
  • Abu Darwish Mosque
  • Al Hussaini Mosque
  • Gold Market
  • Spice Market
  • Kan Zaman Restaurant ( Very Old Khan - now a restaurant - 15 minutes from hotel by car)
  • King Abdullah Mosque - Abdali and the sharia courts
  • Cave of the 7 sleepers ... (15 minute ride from hotel)
  • Eat a plate of delicious Kanafe from Habibeh in Downtown
  • Royal Film Commission - Rainbow street
  • Enjoy the best falafel sandwich at Al Quds (hole in the wall) - Rainbow street
  • National Gallery of Fine Arts
  • King Hussain Mosque in the King Hussain Park (Combine with City Mall)
  • Visit Qasr al abed in Wadi al Seer
  • Al Balad Theatre
  • JARA Flea market Rainbow Street (April - October)
  • Best Shawerma sandwich ? Try Reem Shawerma on the 3rd circle
  • Raghadan Flagpole - 3rd highest in the world
  • House of Poetry
  • The Soap House (off rainbow street) all natural soaps
  • Have your own perfume made up or choose one of your old favourites and get it mixed.
  • Numismatics Museum
  • Visit the luxurious resorts of Saraya and other Resort locations at the Dead Sea & Aqaba
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